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Vendor Contact Information

Vendors will include a one year warranty with all new computers unless extended warranty is purchased. Consult the vendor to troubleshoot/repair any hardware issues during that coverage period. Performing repairs without vendor approval may void the warranty. Vendor contact information is located below.

Locating Device Drivers

Vendors customize hardware to increase compatibilty with different product lines, therefore you should always obtain device drivers directly from the computer vendor when possilble. If the vendor no longer supports the device or you are having difficulties locating a driver, use the web sites below to aid in your search.

Hardware Disposal

Older computer hardware that is no longer of use, may be disposed of after the data is properly scrubbed. Please refer to Section 3.9.8 (Disposal of IT Resources) of the SDSU Information Security Plan for detailed information.

Central Staff employees can contact SDSURF Hardware Removal and place a request to have your old equipment picked up and properly disposed of. Project employees will have to consult with the main PI on the Project for proper disposal techniques.

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